Although my DIY posts may be lacking, I’ve been making lots of items with my Cricut lately.  Here’s what I’ve been up to..

A co-worker got a new mailbox after Hurricane Matthew took out their old one, and asked if my Cricut could help with mailbox numbers.  It seemed like the vinyl I use would work, so he gave me a file that matched their house numbers, I made a set and applied them to both sides of the mailbox!  Who would’ve thought you could make your mailbox look snazzy with your Cricut?


We wanted to send a lil present to our friends who are expecting their first child and are gamecock fans (he played for their football team!), so a gamecock onesie seemed perfect.  I even made this the day after USC beat Tennessee unexpectedly.img_9751

A friend was hosting a baby shower and asked if I could make onesies for a onesie garland like I did for Maggie’s shower.  Dare I say that I like how the boy monogram is laid out?


I’ve also been busy making more pillows as orders come in and also trying to stock up the shop for Christmas.  I love some of the custom orders I’ve gotten in.pillow-case_custom-05 pillow-case_chs-quote_white-05

I was playing around in Illustrator recently and came up with a new oyster themed design around the saying “Aw shucks.”  It seemed perfect for oyster season, so I made a few wine glasses for the shop.


November & December are popular for engagements, and I made some champagne glasses for a friend to celebrate her sister’s engagement.  I love being part of those happy moments!

glasses_champagne-monogramFinally, I was so excited that my Columbia & Greenville pillows are now ready!  My word cloud pillows started out as a Cricut project, but now I get them screen printed so I can crank them out quicker.  The whole South Carolina set is ready in time for the holidays!

pillow-case_columbia_white-01 pillow-case_greenville_white-01

PS – You can find all my Cricut projects here!


2 Thoughts on “Recent Cricut Projects”

  • Kelley, you are so talented! I bought a Silhouette Cameo this past summer when Amazon had their sale. It was delivered to our GA house, I took it to Sarasota, but still have not opened the box! 🙂 I’m in GA now, but will open it up after the first of the year. My sewing/quilting store is going to have a class on it after the first of the year. I’m waiting on that. I wonder what the difference is in a Cricut and a Silhouette?

    • Thanks, MaryJane! Oh you’ll love it – I hear they’re really similar products, but not sure the exact difference. There are so many different projects you can make that it’s almost overwhelming at first. Heard yall got together for dinner this week – hope to see you when we’re back in GA again!

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