This year we made the switch to an artificial tree, and an unintended consequence was getting a new tree topper for it.  Last Sunday night I came up with what I wanted to do for a new one and shared the process on Instagram’s story feature – so here’s the written version!

Oyster Shell Tree Topper

What you’ll need:

  • Pre-made tree topper
  • Wire cutters
  • 5 small oyster shells
  • Goop, liquid cement

I found a basic tree topper that I liked at Hobby Lobby for $8 (it was 50% off).  The star shape & twine / natural feel were what drew me to it versus all of the glittery ones, but knew I was going to get rid of the greenery.


Using wire cutters, I just snipped the greenery off the topper, from both sides.  Then I was left with a twine wrapped outer star, and almost grapevine-like center.

I went into my oyster shell inventory (yes, this is a thing at our house) and found a few small & flat shells that I could use to put on the star instead.  I applied some Goop liquid cement to the back of each shell, and placed them on the tree topper in a star design.fullsizerender-7

When the shells are all on the topper, let it dry overnight to securely attach.

Finally, add the tree topper to your tree!  This whole project only takes 5 minutes of work and gave our tree just the right extra touch of coastal 😉  Add in the low cost, and this is the best kind of project!img_0059 img_0061



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