Guys. This was like 2 1/2 years in the making, but our home office finally got some love.  It all started when Hunter scored a great shelf for only $10.  We got it in to the office and I finally had a place to put our things (and get them off the floor)!


It only took over 2 years to finally put up some of the sports display pieces I did back in 2014.  I also got my books out from the bath tub (Hurricane Matthew preparations) and they now have a home!  I bought 4 baskets from Target for the bottom shelf to store / hide some of the packaging & shipping supplies for my shop.  I also used half of the middle shelf to hold my wine glass display | Trophy plaque display | Trophy Bookend

With the shelf full, I kept going.  We moved my Cofc diploma and Hunter’s Clemson print to be above the new shelf, I hung a volleyball frame on a small wall and found a good spot for my framed Pro Bowl

Full transparency – we haven’t hung the jersey shadowbox yet… We need to add some framing wire to the back to make sure it’s sturdy enough to stay on the wall. Baby steps.

office-update_13Then I turned my attention to the desk area.  I had some really great framed prints & art that had been waiting for a home on the wall so I decided to do a little gallery wall above the desk.  There were 2 nails already in the wall, so I hung 2 pieces and sort of winged it as I picked spots for the others – not the recommended way to make a gallery wall, but more of the “impatient & wine fueled Kelley way.”


office-update_01 office-update_02 office-update_03

The Town Serif print | Mini Oyster Shell wreath | Elizabeth & Co Oyster painting | Sharks teeth canvas | Bushel and a Peck signJ Fletcher Charleston print

I used 4 stackable kids storage bins to house my oyster shell inventory.  I have the shells sorted by size and the open front makes it easy to grab what I need, plus the natural wood is just pretty.  You can also see the stack of boxes for shipping on my trunk – not sure what to do with those, so they’re staying as is haha.


The last big project to tackle was the closet and remaining items still laying on the ground.  Our office has been home to our childhood boxes, anything sports related, my crafting goodies, misc home decor, shop supplies and packaging materials so there was a lot of stuff to go through and organize.

I bought 2 larger stackable bins and put them in the closet to hold my random knick knacks, and went through a lot of the other plastic bins to clean out anything that could be donated or thrown away.  There’s still a lot, but it’s a more organized chaos than before haha.

office-update_07 office-update_09

There’s still some work to do, but this is seriously the most effort I’ve spent making it nicer since we moved in.  I wish I had a before picture, but it’d be pretty embarrassing as to what the room looked like for years…  Hopefully it won’t just be the chaos room much longer!


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