Yes, it’s mid January, and yes this post is about Christmas.  This January has been one of the busiest for us and I feel like I’ve just been on the go the whole month, so it’s not too much of a surprise that I’m just getting around to a quick recap of our Georgia trip!

After stopping to visit with my Granddad, we got to Callaway on Friday afternoon.  This was the first time all 5 of us had been together at mom’s house, and we knew we were going to have a lot of fun.

This year mom wanted to use my Cricut skills, and we came up with a Pine Mountain pillow for her to give friends (totally took Lauren to help me take a fun photo of the pillow with the mountains behind).  While the boys played gold, Santa Pegs, and her elf daughters, drove around the neighborhood delivering her gifts.


We headed to San Marcos for dinner and margaritas and some of mom’s friends joined us for quite the funny dinner.  Then it was off to Fantasy in Lights to see the new scene!

christmas-2016_06 christmas-2016_01
Oh and teach mom & Darren about snap chat filters while waiting in line…christmas-2016_04 We celebrated Christmas with Rollene on Christmas Eve with the traditional BBQ – ribs, and all the Southern sides.  The popper toys she gave us were definitely a hit!christmas-2016_05
Christmas morning was just the 5 of us, and the highlight was when Hunter opened his gift from the Hyatts – Thanks Jimbo!

We switched up Christmas dinner to have a 7lb filet log done by grill master Darren and steakhouse butter by Lauren.  Filet log > yule log.  We ended the night with Mexican Train and Hunter schooled all of us.
christmas-2016_08Sadly it was back to South Carolina on Monday morning, but I was happy we got to enjoy a nice long weekend in Georgia with my family!

Finally, because this picture was too good not to share – here’s Hunter & Cleo right before Christmas in

I’m planning on catching up on sleep and finally writing some posts that have been in my head this weekend, so I won’t be as slack as I have been 😉


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