I have wanted to make a magnolia wreath and garland for at least a year now.  Maybe it’s the Southern in me, or the magnolia trees on my grandparents’ yard (that my Granddad hated), but I just love them.  I’ve tried to find some fake magnolia sprigs that I could use, but they’re always so expensive, so I was thrilled when I found a wreath for practically nothing last week.

Semi Homemade Magnolia Welcome Wreath

What you’ll need:

  • Magnolia wreath
  • Wooden phrase sign
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors

magnolia-wreath-02Like I mentioned, I found this magnolia wreath at Hobby Lobby for $30 (using a 40% off coupon).  When I added up how much the multiple sprigs of magnolia leaves would be, it was a no brainer to just buy the wreath and save my time & money.magnolia-wreath-01During the same trip I found the magnolia leaf wreath, I decided to look for maybe a lil sign to hang on top of it.  I found a wooden “hi” sign that fit the bill AND had little hooks on the back to make it easy to attach to my wreath.

Okay, ready for the simple, semi-homemade part?

Cut 2 longer pieces of floral wire, and thread them through the hooks on the back of the wooden sign.

Place the wooden sign on the wreath where you like it, fasten the floral wire to the wreath, and twist it to secure it.magnolia-wreath-05

Boom. You’re done. And you’ve maybe spent 15 minutes on the whole thing, including shopping.magnolia-wreath-04

Hang the wreath on your door, and stand back to admire your $28 wreath that Joanna Gaines would be proud of.  It wasn’t as hands on or DIY as I anticipated, but I’ll take savings anytime  😉

magnolia-wreath-07 magnolia-wreath-08 magnolia-wreath-06Now about that magnolia leaf garland….


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