In honor of the Pro Bowl, I’m going to tell you an unbelievable story from 5 years ago. It all started when my guy friends asked if I wanted to compete in a football competition with them…

Bud Light hosted these football Fan Camps around the country with a chance to win a trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl and compete against the other winners the next day.  Well, our team won the South Carolina market and were headed to Hawaii in January of 2012.  It was so random my mom didn’t believe me when I told her, up until we received our plane tickets.


Thomas & Ed flew out a few days early to take advantage of the free vacation thanks to Bud Light.  I came out 1 day early and no joke, dropped my stuff at the hotel and went straight to the hotel where I met Warren Sapp.  That’s when I knew this was going to be an epic trip.429763_977994164904_1544874386_n

That night the three of us explored Waikiki and then I finally crashed from the jet lag.403218_977454231934_2057852081_nThe next day we decided to check out Diamond Head and hike to the top.  Those views were worth every step and that water was so blue!  We also considered the hike a work out for our upcoming competition..323364_977475020274_114127531_o 332638_977471407514_1735341716_o 336938_977473129064_2035153594_o

On the way back we checked out the Pro Bowl trophy, then hit up the lagoon by our hotel and threw the football around.  That afternoon our 4th team member, Taylor arrived in town!326627_977481367554_709148116_o 431623_977454466464_1417292209_n431465_977454556284_288070820_n

Perks of being on a Bud Light hosted trip?  Literally all the Bud Light gear & products everywhere at the hotel.329140_977482295694_1242743126_o398564_977461502364_969652716_n422676_977497175874_1634371041_n

That Sunday was the Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium.  We had entry to a pre-game tailgate and met some Hawaiian celebrities and got autographs from Calvin Johnson, Erik Dickerson & co.333253_977484261754_1433139145_o 327358_977485154964_2142337114_o 324214_977484770734_1358176917_o 331875_973944585294_483263357_o 414654_977486582104_786685459_o The Pro Bowl itself was kinda boring tbh.  Most of the players played just enough to look good, but not get injured and we ended up leaving at half time to grab pizza by the hotel.425434_977464152054_1153839166_n

That Monday was the big event for us: competing in the final Bud Light Fan Camp at Aloha Stadium against the other state winners.  We did alright, but didn’t win.  Cool perk: Kicking two 20 yd field goals on the same field a bunch of professionals played on the day before.429657_977496901424_684697535_n 407513_977496297634_873210201_n 418860_977496631964_525116517_n 431507_977496791644_1599602613_nAfter working that morning, it was nice to just relax by the pool & lagoon the rest of the afternoon.. 409491_977496916394_355784874_n432114_977497001224_1380600237_n

We spent our last day exploring Oahu before catching our red eye and flying back to the mainland.  Taylor’s friend was stationed out there and picked the 4 of us up and gave us a tour of the island.404299_977497595034_137139745_n 419116_977497729764_996532929_n

We even stopped by the North Shore and checked out the Volcom Pipe Pro surf tournament before heading back to grab our bags and go.404649_977498518184_616975202_n 408888_977499186844_881623271_n 417679_977498109004_1482125337_n

This was by far one of the craziest vacations I’ve ever been on, and the fact it was free made it even better.  I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years and loved reliving this fun trip with some of my best guy friends!

Now time to prep for my Falcons being in the Super Bowl!!


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