Oyster Roasts

It’s prime oyster season and although I can’t eat oysters, I’ve attended and hosted my share of oyster roasts.  Are you going to an oyster roast and you’re not sure what to do?  I’ve got you covered.  There are a few things you might want to know beforehand…

Oysters only in the trash

Most oyster tables have a big hole in the middle with a trash can underneath.  That trash can is made for spent oyster shells, not the trash (bottles, paper towels, etc), so put the cans in the recycling bin and keep the shells alone in their trash can so they can be recycled too.


Bring a knife and glove

Let’s be serious, most people in the lowcountry have their own oyster knives,  and will bring them to an oyster roast.  If you don’t own one, look to your local food store or online.  I bought these wooden ones from Amazon, and personalized them using black vinyl and my Cricut Explore Airβ„’ 2.  Now we won’t lose them, and they’ve already made it through 2 roasts!

PS – If you’re a newbie, you only wear 1 glove on your non-dominant hand when shucking to protect it from being cut by the sharp edges of the shell.  If you’re hosting, it’s great to have them on hand because this will be the #1 thing that people don’t bring.



Unless it’s a big, public oyster roast that has a bar, bring your own beer or wine.  I’m sure the host will provide some, but let’s be serious, it’s rude to show up empty handed.  Champagne really complements oysters, FYI…oysters-05

Eat early if you’re not an oyster fan

Fun fact: I’m allergic to shellfish which means, yup, I can’t eat oysters.  Funny considering I love to craft with the shells, right?  Well even if you’re allergic, oyster roasts are such a big part of lowcountry life in the winter and they’re still fun!

Roasts typically include some other food like chili or BBQ (or a nacho bar if you’re cool like my friend Michelle), but if you’re not sure, eat before so you won’t go hungry!  Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way.

Last tip – if you have an oyster shell loving friend, save the shells for them!  They can be cleaned and crafted with, and I’ve got plenty of oyster shell crafts.   Otherwise like tip #1, let them be recycled and put back in the beds!

Now enjoy the oyster roast!  I promise they’re fun, even if you don’t get to eat the main course.oysters-01

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11 thoughts on “Oyster Roasts

  1. Tyraenna says:

    Cool πŸ™‚ I am not an oyster person, but I haven’t tried them in a while, and I certainly haven’t been to a roast! So this was all useful information! If you go to a roast, is it cool to bring a dish, like a side or a dessert? Or is that frowned upon?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Angela @ Angela Marie Made says:

    This post was super informative since I’ve never been to an oyster roast before, I feel much more prepared! Love the personalized oyster knives too!

    Liked by 1 person

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