The weather in Charleston has been nothing short of wonderful: 70s and sunny!  This weekend was beautiful, so naturally we spent Saturday… cleaning out and organizing our garage.

Not the most glamorous thing, but it needed to be done and since we were in town and had a free weekend, it was the perfect time.  After breakfast we headed to Lowe’s and picked up some new shelves.  Thanks to everyone who gave us Lowe’s giftcards for our wedding – I think we’re officially out, but our house has enjoyed every dollar!

First step, Hunter put together the shelves while I weeded & watered the beds, and sprayed weed & feed on the grass.garage-update-07Then we basically cleared out the entire garage and went through everything – Like everything in our garage.  A lot was trashed, and more is going to Habitat for Humanity & Goodwill.  The previous owner had nails everywhere and random cabinets & even a medicine cabinet hung on the walls, so we cleaned it all up, swept it out and started from scratch.garage-update-03Next we put it all back, in the right spots.  Some of my wreaths that I keep in the garage have a new hanging place, above the lawn mower’s new home.garage-update-01This may not seem exciting, but I was thrilled with those white shelves – they are my Coastal Kelder shelves!  My paints, bleach, and buckets to the side are for all my oyster shells.  The 3 lower shelves will be used for shells drying after their bath.  Even my cornhole boards have a home hanging on the wall now.garage-update-04We also bought this rail system at Lowe’s for storing our yard tools like shovels, rakes, etc.  It was easy to install and keeps our tools off the ground & organized: total win.garage-update-05Here are the new shelves all loaded up with coolers, tools & tailgate chairs!garage-update-06Again not the most glamorous day by any means, but it was super productive!  The last time the garage got this sort of attention was almost 3 years ago, right after we moved in. ? We’re both excited that the garage is back in great shape, and yes – I enjoyed a glass of wine after all of our work.garage-update-02


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