Whoa – This past weekend was a whirlwind, in a good way!  I had my first pop up shop at Charleston’s West Elm location on King Street Saturday afternoon.

We got to the store early and started setting up my area.  I had a couch, coffee table & side table to work with, and access to any accessories in the store to use as well.  

Quite a few friends stopped by throughout the afternoon and I loved every face I saw!  Lauren got a cute picture of the two of us with all my items.

Unbeknownst to Hunter, we had The Skinny Dip’s Hard Hat party from 4-6pm after the pop up ended at 4.  Apparently I forgot to tell him that, oops.  We packed up, dropped everything off at the car, and continued walking down King Street to the next event!

The Skinny Dip is a new store coming to Charleston that opens in April.  The upstairs of the store will feature a wine / coffee bar, outdoor space and a ‘Charleston Vibes’ section where customers can buy pieces from local brands.  I was asked to be part of that (!!!) so had dropped off some inventory the week before to be at the party.

I introduced Hunter to The Skinny Dip managers I had been working with, and we met the owners and others involved with bringing the store to Charleston.

I also got to meet some of my “Instagram friends” in person at The Skinny Dip and really enjoyed that.  Mary Beth took some beautiful photos of the upstairs space in the shop.  Can you spot my pillows on some of the shelves?  I personally like the one of Hunter adjusting my pillows – always looking out!

After leaving the party, we were hungry and met friends at Hometeam to eat & celebrate.  After some wings & game changers, we both were beyond exhausted and headed home to get in pajamas and finally relax.

Overall it was such a fun Saturday!  I learned a lot about pop ups so I’ll change a few things up at my next one, but consider it a success.  I’m also counting down to the official opening of The Skinny Dip in a few weeks!

More than anything I just want to THANK YOU – my family, friends, & followers – for all of your support!  I felt such overwhelming support from everyone this weekend and it really meant the world to me. I loved every text, tweet, phone call and comment.  It really does make all the long nights & tired mornings worth it 🙂

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