One of my friends reached out to me to see if I could help her make an Easter care package for her boyfriend.  She  had an idea of what she wanted, but needed the Cricut to make the cuts and bring it to life.

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DIY Peeps Care Package

What you’ll need:

Brittney saw a cute design that had little peep shaped bunnies glued to the inside of a box with the words “To one of my favorite peeps.”  She bought some bright card stock and came over on Sunday for an afternoon craft session.

We started by finding a peep shaped bunny image online, saving it, then importing it into Design Space.  We cut 4 bunnies on each color paper except yellow.Next, we wrote our “To one of my favorite peeps” in all uppercase Gothic.  I measured the box top & bottom flaps to see how wide & tall the letters could be, resized them in Design Space, then cut them on yellow card stock. Brittney started gluing the bunnies and the letters down on the box flaps. We realized there would be a little bit of space to the left and right of the letters on the box flaps, and decided to add some Easter eggs!  I imported an image in Design Space and cut a few out in each color on the card stock.  PS – Use the weeder tool to get the pieces off the mat safely. Once everything was glued down it looked great!  So spring and festive!  

Then Brit is filled it with some faux grass, candy & eggs.  I know I would be excited to open the box up on Easter!  Thanks for always thinking of my as your crafting friend, Brit 😉

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