Spring Flower Planting

It’s about that time for our spring planting!  We both enjoy working in our yard and it was time to freshen up the beds & pots for spring.

Over two weekends and a few trips to Abide-a-While and Lowe’s, the yard was looking great again.

Let’s start with the pots by the fire pit.  They were both still doing great with the lavender, creeping jenny and mums I potted back in October, so I just added a little calipetite for some color.I added some red petunias to our window box & the planter on the front porch.

I added the same red calipetites as the pots to the hanging baskets, and also some laguna sky blue flowers to trail over the edge.I potted a rose salvia to put by the back door, as well as a corn plant for some color, height and to hide the outdoor outlet.

I bought 3 more Mexican heather plants to fill in the corner of the front bed (one was already coming back).  I also dug up some of the lantana in the front bed that didn’t come back from last year and replaced it with more.  3 of the plants are slowly sprouting leaves, so I’m making sure they get plenty of water to fill in the rest of the bed.Between all the planting and lawn work we’ve been busy, but have a freshly manicured yard as the result!  Now we just need to lay some pinestraw and we’re good to go.


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