Last Thursday our girls supper club was back in action at Rappahannock Oyster Bar! Our club took a bit of a hiatus through the holidays, but we’re back and with a new strategy: less stress on hosts and more trying all the new restaurants in the area.  We went to Pancito and Lefty in March and will be mixing in easy appetizer nights at home other months to keep it easy on everyone.  Plus it gives us a way to keep up with the growing list of new restaurants!

Photo: Open Table

Well, we made reservations at Rappahannock Oyster Bar which is in the Cigar Factory off East Bay for April’s night. I was really looking forward to seeing the space because I’ve only been to the Cedar Room over there.

First impressions as we walked in: well decorated, small actual dining room & large bar.  The bar itself was made of copper (swoon) with a live bar on one side that had fresh ice dropping out from the ceiling into the bar.  It was also huge and seats 40.

The bar area is definitely the focus point and the biggest space.  You walk through the dining area to get to the bar area and it had a few booths and maybe 6 other tables so smaller than I expected.

We sat down and started looking at the drink menu.  After trying Lauren’s cocktail, I ordered the same then we switched to rosé.  I started with the fish dip as an appetizer (basically the only appetizer I could eat considering my shellfish allergy) and it was delicious! I’m not sure I’ve ever had a fish dip before so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but it was loaded with fish and the other flavors were a good complement to eat on crackers.

Other girls had oysters, chowder, the bread flight and caviar as appetizers.  We all passed around our plates to try everything (except me), but I did try the caviar!  This was the trout roe and came with a little spread and wafers.  I love the lil pop of flavor as you eat it.

You might be wondering what a shellfish allergy orders for dinner at an oyster company… Unfortunately my first choice did have shellfish in it, but they had the option of steak that isn’t listed on the menu – yay!

I thought it was cooked really well with a bit of char on the outside and enjoyed the style of potatoes too.  Plus the leftovers were great as sliders for lunch.

Other entrees included crab cakes, more oysters, and crabs.  Our table was a plethora of the sea!Overall we enjoyed a delicious dinner at a cute new spot!  I want to come back and sit at that bar next time… and order the steak again.

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