In case you didn’t know, Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I’ve got a cute & easy card that you can make and get in the mail with time to get to your mom. I’ve made a lot of projects with my Cricut ever since I got it last December, but haven’t done too many with card stock outside of banners.

Cricut has a bunch of Mother’s Day cards that are available to make for free, and it seemed like a a good project to try. So for $0.60 (card stock sale at Hobby Lobby, woo!)

PS – This post includes affiliate links so I get a lil kickback if you buy from them.

Mother’s Day Cricut Card

What you’ll need:

I decided on this design, that didn’t look too intricate and that I could also easily customize with different colors of card stock.  I bought a bunch of pieces of card stock from Hobby Lobby with the idea to use colors for the letters and white or white with little gold hearts as the background for the letters.Since this was my first ‘Make it Now‘ project, I had no clue you simply just click the ‘Make it Now’ button and you’re on the cut screen. Boom.

PS – If you want to change the size, just click ‘Customize’ instead and you can adjust that and the positioning of the design on the mat.

Put card stock #1 (that the letters will be cut into) on your mat and click ‘Go.’  Once that’s cut, use the spatula tool to carefully pull the card stock off the mat. The loose pieces will pretty much fall out as you’re lifting it.

Ready for real life? Try #1 ended up like this, with lots of tears and basically a mess that I had to scrap. Turns out if something like this happens to you, it’s probably a dull blade or your mat isn’t sticky enough and holding the card stock.

My mat was fairly new and my blade was pretty old, so I replaced my blade and was back in business with clean cuts.Okay, back to the project.  After card stock #1 is cut, put piece #2 on the mat and cut.  This will cut out the perfectly sized piece to be the back drop behind the letters.Once everything is cut out, you’ll have something like this to put together..Now we glue.  Apply glue to the back of the letters / design and put it on top of the other piece of card stock.  Then fold and your homemade card (for $0.60) is done!I made another on a pink floral paper and plain white card stock – This was my favorite and ultimately one we sent to Hunter’s grandma.  Not bad for my first ‘Make it Now‘ project and I learned when my blade had gone dull..

Now make sure to send your Mom a card and give her a call on Sunday!

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