This post originally appeared on the skirt! Magazine blog and was submitted to their ‘I am Because’ essay call for the May Mother’s Day issue.I am strong because of my mother.

My sophomore year of high school was one of the worst years of my life, and not because of any of the typical high school reasons: My dad was diagnosed with brain cancer.  I was only 15 years old and my dad was dying.

Instead of sitting around, my mom kept the family going.  She took me to all my volleyball practices & tournaments, took dad to chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and continued to work.  She kept life as normal as it could be to get our minds off the big C word.

After he passed away, she kept our lives moving although I knew she was hurting just as much (if not more) as me.  My dad had the strength to fight the cancer, but mom provided the strength for all of our family.I am strong because of my mother.

While I did get a lot of my athletic and creative skills from my dad, I got just as much from my mom.  She would practice tennis with me in the neighborhood and was at every game for all of the sports I played growing up.

Being a woman who not only loved watching sports, but playing sports was always encouraged in our household.  Most people assume I get my passion when watching favorite teams from my dad, but if you’ve watched a game with her, then you know it’s all from my mom.  Some of my favorite memories shared with her were at my games or watching our favorite teams.

Today, I call my mom after every intramural game, text her during Georgia Tech and Atlanta games, and send highlights to her (that we both watch over and over).  She even came to my first kickball game (when I happened to meet my husband) and was our “team mom” giving friends advice on strategy of the game.I am strong because of my mother.

Growing up, anything was possible.  My dreams were never limited to just going to college and getting married.  She supported me when I decided to switch sports, wanted to play college volleyball (then decided not to play in college), believed in me when I graduated without any “real” job prospects, and has been with me every step of the way with my side business.

My mom has raised two very independent women who are successful in their careers, and never thought a dream was unattainable.  She is the perfect example of a working woman who focused on her family, and never let anything hold her back.I am strong because of my mother, and I am who I am today because of my mother.

Thank you, Mom.  Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

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  • What a wonderful tribute to Peggy. Made me tear up. To be loved and honored with such kindness and reverence……… I am sure God is smiling … -Christa

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  • Dear Kelly, What a powerful tribute to your mother! You are a special daughter who would care enough to say those words about your mother for all the world to see! Many young women might think those thoughts, but expressing them is the greatest gift your mom could be given! You’ll be an awesome mom, one day! Marilyn Veley….a friend and neighbor of your precious grandma, Rollene!{*.*}


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