If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably figured out that we’re moving!!  We have so enjoyed making 2433 our home over the last 3+ years, but it was time for a change and a for sale sign went in the front yard.

As part of the selling process professional photos were taken of our home for the listing and we both loved seeing them when they came back – They sure make your house look great!  Since we had these fabulous photos from the Cassina Group, I thought it’d be fun to do a home tour of what everything looked like before we packed up and moved!

I’m starting with the rooms that most friends & family have spent the most time in: our living room & kitchen.

Real talk, our living room really started feeling like a complete room once we got a rug. It’s crazy how one thing has that effect!  It helped define the space, plus just gave your feet something soft to be on haha. Hi Magnolia wreath | Wingback Chair | Charleston Map

Our dining nook may be small, but it’s full of projects!  We did hide the driftwood curtain rod (in case a buyer fell in love with it and wanted to keep it), and the Morris Island lighthouse canvas wasn’t hung after we repainted… but it still looks way better than when we moved in!

Whitewashed breakfast table | Invisible Tab Curtains | Sullivans Island painting

As you know, our kitchen had been recently renovated – and yes, we renovated it with the purpose to sell our home, but have totally enjoyed it the last month.

After the renovation we really tried to keep the counters clean and not put a lot of stuff out (like my flour and sugar containers).  I have also fallen in love with the 1 big sink instead of a divided one – it makes washing larger dishes SO MUCH EASIER.

Goodbye beautiful kitchen & living room – many great times have been spent there!

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