In today’s world everyone is trying to make their life look perfect on social media, allowing curated glimpses into a not so perfect life.  I’m totally guilty of this too – posting the good photos where I’ve straightened my hair and have make up on, instead of the curly fro with my gym clothes on that I really live in 90% of the time.

Well, that’s not real life.  Ready for a peek into the current chaos?

We’re in the process of selling our first home and buying another.  Seems simple, but we’ve run into ALL OF THE ISSUES.  The closings didn’t line up so we ended up being homeless for 10 days.  Thankfully friends offered to house us, but that meant we were doing 2 waves of moving – out & into storage, then out of storage & into new house.  Last week I spent every waking minute outside of work packing or moving our lives into a storage unit, friend’s garage, dining room or their guest room. Exhaustion doesn’t even describe it.

Finally, we were moved out. We signed our documents and are on our way to enjoying Memorial Day weekend with my family down in Hilton Head.. but no. First, we tried to introduce my cat Cleo to our friends’ cat that we’re staying with.  I envisioned the two of them becoming best friends and cuddling – instead there was hissing, swatting and I ended up with cuts on my face, neck and arm that required me to take 2 types of antibiotics (cat scratch fever is real, yall). Yay. Then we decided to board her for the first time since I couldn’t let our friends deal with her in her stressed out state. Cue all the cat mom tears as I dropped her off.

Because that wasn’t enough, instead of the closing on our first home going smoothly, it went terribly (I’m looking at you buyers & buyer’s agent).  I spent the weekend sporadically breaking out in tears, having a constant knot in my stomach and just being stressed out over the unknown.

Thankfully everything did get worked out and we closed 5 days after originally planned – but a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders and we could move on.  Now the end is in sight and we should be able to close on the new house and finally settle down soon. I am literally counting down the hours.

Basically my life hasn’t been social media perfect – it’s been life.  Life is ugly.  There are tears and uncertainty.  Stress and exhaustion.  But life is also beautiful – filled with supportive family and friends, and a cat that will snuggle with you even though she hates you for all the changes.

The ugly moments are the hard ones, but you’ll also notice that’s when the great moments come popping through – like offers of a homemade dinner, walk around the neighborhood to vent or even just a glass of wine.

Thank you to my family and friends for helping me through the most stressful time in my life. I would probably be lying on the floor overwhelmed and crying somewhere if it wasn’t for you and your generosity.  I can’t wait to share some great news with you soon and have everyone over!

So here’s my social media imperfect life from this week: Sitting on the bathroom floor in our friends’ house working from home for a few hours in sweats so I could be with my super stressed out kitty who just got back from the vet. Oh, and her litter box that lives in our bathroom right now.

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