Y’all have no clue how much I missed crafting the last few weeks during the whole packing / moving event. It really relaxes me, so imagine not being able to relieve stress when it’s at an all time high… that’s why I had friends and wine instead 🙂

Anyways, my friend Meg’s little brother is getting married soon and she wanted to make some nautical tank tops for her future SIL’s bachelorette weekend in Rhode Island. Meg sent me some examples of what she liked on Pinterest and we got to work!

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Bride + Bride’s Mates Tank Tops

What you’ll need:

Meg ordered all the tank tops from Target and just had them shipped to my house.  Target and Old Navy are great for bachelorette tanks 😉

Alright, open Design Space and start working on your design.  I wrote the text out in all uppercase in Rooney font, and 8″ long.  The plan was for Bride to be cut in navy blue htv (on a white tank), “Bride’s Mates” to be in white htv (on navy tank) and the anchor to be in gold, with a glitter gold anchor for the bride’s tank top.

Since the items are cut on different heat transfer vinyl colors, you’ll have to cut them all separately.  I like to maximize as much of the vinyl as possible, so I’ll rearrange the shapes or letters on the preview screen before cutting, like so:

Once everything is cut out on the different vinyls, it’s time to weed out the excess!

The final step is to iron the letters and anchors onto the tank tops. Put the iron on cotton or high heat, press it on the htv for a few seconds until the HTV starts attaching to the tank top.

When the HTV is attached, the tank tops are done!  

So I started making the tanks before the move and got 5 done before I had to pack up all the supplies.  Well we happened to move these supplies and more to Meg’s house (again, my friends are awesome) so we had a little wine and I put her to work to finish the remaining tanks so she could get them in the mail on time.  She did great ironing everything on while I weeded!  And how cute did these turn out?

How cute did the girls look rocking these in New Hampshire?! Hope this gives you some ideas for your own nautical bachelorette weekend – we all know I loved crafting for mine 🙂

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