This week on the house tour we’re checking out our old master suite! BTW you may be wondering why I didn’t post about this earlier –>  1. I was paranoid something would happen with the 2 closings and didn’t want to jinx anything by posting photos and talking about moving, then 2. When we were in the thick of the move (and you didn’t hear from me), life was a touch chaotic and I couldn’t pull posts together.. so here we are talking about the old house while we slowly start projects in the new one!

Okay, the master suite…. The walls were a dark gray with one dark purple accent wall when we moved in so the first thing we did was have it painted to a lighter sea foam green type color.  The change in color alone made a huge difference.  Everything else in here was put together over time as we found pieces we liked!

Monkey fist curtain tie backs | Red fish painting | Hand painted state pillows

The two paintings we have in our room were gifts from each other.  I have a love of animals and always tell Hunter I want an otter, or pelican, or sea turtle, etc..  as a pet.  Well now I get my animals in art form and I love it!  The lil guy next to my side of the bed is a sea turtle named Louie.  I got Hunter his red fish painting so we both had our animals on our sides.

For any Charleston locals, all of the wooden pieces are from Nadeau and it can be dangerous going in their store if you need furniture! Nadeau doesn’t pay us to say that – we just really love their stuff.

The master bathroom also was part of the recent renovation.  We left the shower and floors as is, but updated everything else!  It’s not the biggest master bathroom, but our goal was to maximize every inch of space and keep it clean.

Floating shelves | Towel rack

One of my favorite things about the house was picking out all of the colors, furniture and pieces together.  It definitely represents both of our styles and I hope friends and family saw both of us when they came into our home!

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