While I’m having fun in Utah with Cricut, I thought I’d post about our recent visit to the new cafe cafe, Pounce.  When my mom came to visit we decided to check it out because nothing says a fun weekend like attending your daughter’s kickball championship, working in the yard and going to a cat cafe, right? Haha

So you might be asking yourself “what exactly is a cat cafe?” well it’s basically what it sounds like – a place with LOTS of kitties and a small cafe area in the back. Don’t worry, the cafe area is kitty free, but all the items have cat themed names.

To visit Pounce I’d recommend making a reservation.  They come in 1 hour increments and then you’re guaranteed to spend time with the kitties when you want.  You can try to walk up on the hour and see if they have any spots left for that time, but they’re probably booked. When we were there they were telling people the next reservation was in 2 hours.

When it’s finally time to go to Pounce, you’ll be led to the back cafe area to get your drink (included with reservation) and get some general instructions.  We all went with meow-mosas and started drinking them while waiting for our reservation.At your reservation time, they let you in the kitty side and you get to play for an hour!  They have all sorts of toys, sitting areas and just anything a kitty could play or sleep on.  They told us there were 37 kittens the day we were there and with ~15 people in a group, there were plenty of kitties for everyone to play with.

Lauren, Pegs and I just found an area, sat down and started picking the lil guys up and loving on them.  My goal was to create a sleeping kitten pile on myself which somewhat happened.  I even forgot about my mimosa because I was loving on so many different kitties, and that’s saying a lot!

Here’s some more information and things that people have asked me now that I’m a Pounce Pro:

  • Pounce partners with the Charleston ASPCA, so all the kitties you play with can be adopted! There was a woman in our group who was going to adopt a kitten she fell in love with.
  • They’ve already helped hundreds of kitties find their furever homes.
  • While there were only kittens there during our visit, they help cats of all ages.  Spring / summer are kitten seasons so you’ll see more kittens then, but there are adult cats there too.
  • There were all sorts of people in our group: adults & kids, men & women.
  • It didn’t smell bad. Honestly, I’m not even sure where the litter boxes were, but you couldn’t smell them and it didn’t smell like 37 kittens called Pounce home.

We’ve already decided to take Lauren’s mom the next time she’s in town and I’ll go back with anyone else that wants to go!


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