Do yall ever get an idea and then decide that you must make it immediately?  Well when I got some of this chrome rose gold vinyl in, I knew I wanted to make some fun wine glasses… right that second.

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Stop and Drink the Rosé Wine Glasses

What you’ll need:

Start by coming up with your design in Design Space (Ps – You should switch over to the new DS).  I wrote out the quote I wanted to put on the glasses using Futura for “Stop and drink the” and then a scripty font for “Rosé.”  When adding cursive letters in Design Space, you’ll need to zoom in, overlap the individual letters so they all connect where necessary and then weld the letters together to create 1 word / image.

I messed around with the spacing, letter case and size for awhile before I was finally happy and had a design.Next, you cut by clicking ‘Make it Now’ in the new Design Space.  I removed the ‘Rosé’ (command + z) since that was going to be in a different color, and put black vinyl on my mat.  Arrange the words on the preview page, turn your Cricut to vinyl setting, load and cut!

After the black letters are done, paste the ‘Rosé’ back on your design (command+v), then remove the part of the design you already cut and repeat the same steps using your rose gold chrome vinyl.Now you need to cut your designs from the roll / sheet of vinyl and weed out the excess vinyl from the design.  This is the exciting part to me because Cricut has a new product to make weeding easier and I just received one from them to play with (and get excited for the Cricut Mountain Makeathon) so this was my first time using it!

The Cricut BrightPad™ is a big screen that backlights the design you want to weed with 5 different light settings.  I turned it on, put my vinyl on top and loved seeing how easy it was to see the cut lines, even on a shiny vinyl like I was using.  Then I just used my weeder and got all the excess away from both pieces.

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.

Now you just have to apply the vinyl to the glasses!  Cut a piece of transfer tape that’s about the same size as your weeded designs, remove the backing and put it on top of the vinyl.  Use the scraper to make sure the vinyl is going to stick to the transfer paper and get any air bubbles out.

Then remove the paper backing from the back of the vinyl, arrange the design on your wine glass, press it done well and slowly remove the transfer paper, making sure that the vinyl is adhered to the glass.  Repeat for both pieces.  I put the rosé one on first since it was a little bigger and laid out where the top one would go so I knew it’d fit the glass the way I wanted it.

After that, you’re done!  Now you just need to pour a little rosé in the glass and enjoy the rest of your summer!Naturally, I saw a pillow cover that was the perfect backdrop to make this design into a pillow as well, so I increased the size of the design, attached the 2 designs to just make one, cut it on black HTV and ironed it on! If you don’t want to make these yourself, you can find both the wine glass and pillow cover in my Etsy shop 😉

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