We’re in the heart of another bachelorette season and I’ve been busy making different tank tops, sunglasses, wine glasses, oyster shells, etc., for different friends, sorority sisters and coworkers’ events!  Today I’m walking through the steps to make another tank top for a bachelorette weekend, and make sure to scroll to the bottom and see all the other bachelorette attire I’ve been cranking out as well.

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Beachin’ Bride + Babes Tank Tops

What you’ll need:

The Maid of Honor got the sizes, picked a color and had all the tank tops shipped to my house to start the project. Tip: Target and Old Navy are a great place to find plain bachelorette tanks ?

I started my design in Illustrator because I knew I wanted to play with some of the flourishes in the fonts to create the tank top design.  The group wanted “Beachin’ Bride” on one tank top and “Beachin’ Babes” on the others all in one color so I created a design and exported the 2 versions as png files.  PS – Right click to save these png files and use yourself!

Now open Design Space to import your bride design.  You’ll want to import it as a Simple, Cut image.  It should have a transparent background, but if it doesn’t, click to remove the background so just the letters are included and add the image to your canvas.

I measured the tank tops and resized the width of my design to be 9″ wide so it would fit the tank tops nicely.

Now it’s time to cut!  Put your gold glitter HTV on your mat (shiny side down), set your Cricut to the “Iron On” setting, make sure your design is mirrored and make it!  Your preview should look something like this before cutting:

I cut the bride design first since there was only one and then repeated the same steps for the ‘Beachin’ Babes’ design and cut that for the remainder of the tank tops I had (8 maybe?).

Once the designs are cut out on the gold glitter vinyl, it’s time to weed out the excess!  I used my BrightPad again to help see the cut lines as I weeded.  A lower light setting works a little better with the glitter HTV.  Doesn’t it look cool when it’s all weeded with the light behind it?

The final step is to iron the design onto the tank tops. Put the iron on cotton or high heat, press it on the htv for a few seconds until the HTV starts attaching to the tank top and then move around until it’s all attached.

Finishing this project after the Cricut Mountain Makeathon made me craveeee using the EasyPress when it comes out later this month.

When the HTV is attached, the tank tops are done!  I also made some tote bags and personalized sunglasses for her to complete the bachelorette gear!  She decided on a pop of teal for the sunglasses which paired perfectly with the peach tanks (that’s a tongue twister).

Here are some of the other bachelorette goodies that I’ve made for friends or coworkers lately – and more to come! PS – You can find all my bachelorette posts & projects here.

DIY personalized sunglasses | DIY ‘Brides Mates’ tank topsDIY personalized tote bags

Happy making!! If you ever have an idea of something, but don’t see it listed in my shop – just shoot me a message on Etsy! I’m always happy to help 🙂

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