Let’s be serious, it’ll be in the 80s for another month or so and I’m holding onto summer at our house by making more pineapple things!    I found the wooden pineapple tray at Hobby Lobby for 50% off (woo!) and thought it was cute, but wanted to class it up and thought this gold vinyl I was almost out of would be perfect to add some dimension for the pineapple’s texture.

Gold Vinyl Pineapple Tray

What you’ll need:

The first thing I needed to do was come up with a design.  I opened up Design Space and opted to use a bunch of triangles to create a pattern for my pineapple texture.  I measured the tray to see the dimensions I was working with and inserted the outline of an oval that was roughly the same dimensions: 11″ high and 8.5″ at the widest part.

Then I inserted the triangle shape, resized it to be 1″ wide, duplicated it twice, lined them up to almost touch, top aligned the grouping and attached them to create a group.  Then I continued to copy and paste my group of 3 triangles and arrange them around the oval to have coverage everywhere.  Your canvas should look something like this:

Then I removed the oval (I didn’t need to cut that), selected all of the triangles and attached them so they would be in that position when I cut them.    I put my gold vinyl on my mat, loaded it into my Explore Air 2 and cut!When the vinyl was cut, I pulled out my BrightPad and used it to help with weeding out the excess.  This was more time consuming than normal because I needed to make sure all the triangles I wanted were staying, and the excess triangles were coming up.

Once that was weeded, I placed the pineapple tray face down on the vinyl pattern and traced around it with my exacto knife.  This helped figure out what the shape was going to be and then I weeded any triangles or parts of the triangle that were outside of the cut area.  Now my pattern was in the shape of the tray! Now cut some transfer paper that’s about the size of the pineapple pattern and apply it to the top of the pattern using the scraper to get any air bubbles out. Remove the backing of the vinyl and apply the pattern to the top of your tray.  Use the scraper again to make sure the pattern is adhered to the tray.

Slowly remove the clear transfer tape, making sure the gold pineapple pattern stays adhered to the tray and doesn’t come off with the tape.

Almost done! There were a few places where the gold vinyl was still over lapping the side, so I just used my exacto knife to cut a line and remove the excess.When everything was trimmed, I was done!

We’ve already used the tray a few times for happy hour and I’m sure it will get a lot of use during the spring and summer.  To clean it, just wipe with a dry cloth!

I love the way the gold shines in the light at different angles.  it definitely jazzed up the basic wooden tray! Another vinyl project down..

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