Can you tell I’ve been completely inspired after coming back from the Cricut Mountain Makeathon?? I came home with so many ideas and new projects I wanted to try and experimenting with the Print then Cut feature was one of them.  It was also great timing since we have slowed down on a few new house projects to gear up for a big living room one coming soon!

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DIY Print then Cut Tags

What you’ll need:

Okay, so I’ve never done a Print then Cut project before so I made sure to go to one of those classes on the last day of the Makeathon event to learn more.  It’s actually super straight forward and I think I was just intimidated before for no reason. Naturally.

At my first West Elm pop up I just wrote the names & prices on some basic sticker labels from Office Depot, but wanted to class it up for my second one so I decided to create some price tags using the print then cut feature in Design Space.

First things first, I opened up Design Space and looked for a tag shape that I liked.  I liked design #M2E37D (link here) and inserted it in to my new project.  I rotated it to be vertical, then resized it to be 3″ tall.

Now you’ll go to the right, click on the blue color of the tag, then click on the printer icon to make it a print then cut image.  Then you’ll notice a ‘pattern’ option to the right of ‘Colors.’ This is where you can import and add your own pattern to the tag.

If your pattern isn’t already uploaded, go to upload an image.  Im my case I chose a simple image, removed all the insides of pieces to make the background transparent and saved it as a “Print then Cut” image.

Now if you were to select the tag, choose print and go to pattern, you will see your newly uploaded pattern as an option.

When you choose the pattern, it will apply it as is.  For me there was a lot of overlap on the shells and it didn’t look cohesive so I decided to edit it to make it look better.

Click ‘edit’ (bottom of menu) and tweak it as necessary. I made my print bigger and then adjusted the horizontal and vertical placement so the pattern wouldn’t have any edges where it had stopped and started again.  This is what it looked like when I was done with editing it:

Once my tag had the pattern I wanted, I inserted a square, unlocked it and made it into a rectangle that fit the tag in an area I thought I might want for my information.

I turned the color of the tag to be white, then added my brand name & information (name + website) and was happy with the result. Then you’ll need to select everything, and click flatten (bottom right) so it’ll be all together for printing.

When the one tag was done, I duplicated it 7 times to make 8 tags that could be printed on 1 piece of card stock.  With print then cut projects, you’ll click ‘Make it now’ and then it will connect to your computer’s printer first.

I loaded a piece of card stock in my printer and then it print everything – tags & sensor lines.After everything is printed, then you’ll place the card stock on your mat and load it into the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine to cut.  The black lines around the outside are sensor lines so before it cuts it will look for those lines around the project with the light to make sure it’s cutting the right area, then cut the tags. After the cutting is done, it’s almost therapeutic to remove the excess card stock and just have the tags left.  This is what I had remaining:Loop a little bit of twine through the hole and add a smaller safety pin to finish your price tag!  I attached them to all the pillows I had available at my pop up at West Elm, as well as any new pillows going out for stores you can find my pillows at – Find the full list of shops here.

Much more professional than just printer labels with sharpie hand writing on them!

There are several other features in Design Space I haven’t taken advantage of, so I’m excited to get familiar with all of them and share more projects as I do!

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