I’m so excited to talk about my newest, favorite restaurant in Mt. Pleasant. Yes, that’s a bold way to start a post, but it’s true… Normally I will go to a place once or twice before writing a review on it, so I feel super qualified this time because I’ve had 3 dinners, a lunch and take out at this point (and the count is growing).

Yall ready?

Ember Wood Fired Kitchen is in the Belle Hall shopping center in Mt. Pleasant. They took over a space that had been a pizza place, added a lot of character to the place and created a new menu with a California vibe.  Their parent company is the same that gives us Five Loaves and Sesame Burger so this is a new concept for them and you should know it will be delicious..

A group of us were lucky enough to try almost everything on the menu at the soft opening in June and after other meals, I’ve had a solid amount of the menu at this point.

Enough talk, let me walk you through my favorite items on the menu:

Appetizers / Veggies

  • Cheese board
  • Clams
  • Hummus
  • Mushrooms
  • Cauliflower
  • Meat balls

Everyone knows I love a good cheese board (as long as the tree nuts aren’t on it) and theirs uses some pizza dough to go with the meats, cheeses and spreads.  Friends loved the clams – I can’t speak for those.. Who would have thought I’d say I liked mushrooms? Not me. But I do, and I’d order them again, along with that cauliflower!

Photo: Ember Kitchen
Photo: Ember Kitchen

Salads / Sandwiches

  • Local lettuce
  • Spinach salad
  • Meatball sandwich
  • Prosciutto sandwich

Full transparency: I’ve only had the meatball sandwich on this list, buttttt the local lettuce looked delicious (and that was validated by the huz).  I’m also dying to try the prosciutto sandwich one of these days.


  • Ember
  • Boone Hall
  • Slightly South of Seacoast
  • Golden egg

With the exception of the Golden egg (bc of pistachio) I’ve had all of these. Ember is my current favorite, but it’s varied between that and Boone Hall (add the whipped ricotta to it).  The golden egg had high remarks from friends at both lunch and dinner.

The pizza is the perfect size for dinner & lunch leftovers for one or to split between 2.  Or get a few pizzas to split between a group and try them all!

Photo: Ember Kitchen

Main Course

  • Tagliatelle pasta
  • Cast Iron NY Strip

Both have been tried and both were delicious! It’s great to have options if you don’t just want a pizza and I love how they have creatively used the brick oven to make other items (like those roasted veggies).

Photo: Ember Kitchen

Besides the great food there’s a ton of local beers and wine on tap, happy hour specials and a great patio overlooking a pond. I just need it to cool down a little to enjoy that patio..

Writing this post is making me think about the lack of food in the fridge and how we should pick up take out tomorrow night after work… If you’re in the area, check it out – and you might see us there 🙂

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