I’m excited to share more of our new home with you today! When we moved in we were really only able to get the screened porch and home office put together at first.  We slept in our downstairs guest room for a few weeks while we scraped ceilings & replaced carpet in the master, so I wasn’t able to put the guest room together until we moved to the master bedroom which happened to be just before my mom visited in July.

Let’s start with the listing photo because I love seeing where we began..

Okay, now to what we’ve done with the space: Most of the furniture is the same from our guest room at 2433, but we did add the rug that used to be in our living room since this room has hardwood floors (and it fit perfectly, woo!), as well as the wooden shelf that was in the office and seems like it was made for this little nook in the corner of the room. 

 Live edge side tables | Coordinates pillow | Banana leaf pillows | Rug 

Trophy book end | Morris Island canvas 

I love the family and Charleston touches I added to our guest room – especially my great grandmother’s Gone with the Wind book (I’m a sucker for awesome old books).

Guest bedroom projects: I’d like to hang this Charleston print I have on the wall by the window and also add some curtains.  We may bring down an old tv to the room so guests can watch Netflix too, but overall this room is good to go!  The only big project will be to get rid of the popcorn ceilings at some point, but nothing too major which is great considering the work we have elsewhere.  

There’s a full bath just across the hallway from the guest room downstairs that is perfect for the guest room so our guests will have their own space downstairs with everyone else upstairs.  We just added our existing towels, got a new shower curtain and hung my pelican painting for now.  It’s not perfect, but it’s functional and I can totally live with it.

Guest bath projects: Basically everything in the bathroom is super dated (a theme throughout the house you’ll begin to notice).  Eventually we’ll completely renovate this bathroom to bring it to the 2000’s.  Until then, we may just replace the outdated mirror, light fixture & ugly hooks on the back of the door.

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