I don’t watch a lot of tv outside of sports.  It’s basically Law & Order, HGTV, some Food Network and then a handful of HBO shows.  One of those HBO shows is Game of Thrones and we LOVE it. It’s one of the few shows that I will watch it when it comes on and it ends the weekend on a good note.  I have also read all the books (thus far) and always lend them out to friends.

My favorite character on the show is Arya Stark.  She’s just amazing and does her own thing, so when I saw a photo of the actress wearing a t-shirt with a witty play on her character & Halloween, I knew what I was going to make for my Halloween costume this year..

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Arya Halloween T-Shirt

What you’ll need:

First you’ll want to create your design in Design Space.  I wrote out “A girl has no costume” in the Game of Thrones font (download here – free for personal use).  Then I uploaded a dagger image and inserted it to my canvas, the same width of my text.

Center align the image and text, then attach them so they’ll stay in that position when you cut the design.

When you preview your image before cutting, make sure to mirror it, then load some silver htv on your mat (shiny side down), choose iron on vinyl as your material and cut the design on your Maker machine!

Once it’s cut on your htv, use the weeder tool to get the excess away from your design.

Now it’s time to break out the EasyPress!  Set the temperature to 305 degrees and the timer to 30 seconds.  I like to fold up a beach towel and put it on the ground as the bottom when I use my EasyPress. Then I put my t-shirt on top , place the weeded htv on top of that (so the design is facing the right way), then the EasyPress and click go!

Since the EasyPress didn’t cover all of my design, after the 30 seconds, I moved it to the other part and clicked go again.
Slowly peel away the clear backing and make sure all of the htv is adhered to the t-shirt.  Just like that your shirt is done!

To complete my outfit, I’ll just wear my t-shirt with black jeans, pull my hair half back and maybe find a fake dagger.  Boom. Easiest Halloween costume and fits with my favorite character! #teamStark

Our new neighborhood takes Halloween pretty seriously and there are some houses that are really decked out in decorations.  Apparently I need to decorate our golf cart too for the big night.  We don’t really have Halloween decorations, just fall decor, so maybe next year I’ll get into the spirit more and make some stuff.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

2 Thoughts on “Game of Thrones Arya Halloween T-shirt”

  • I love this! So clever 🙂 I downloaded the font you used, but am having trouble finding a similar dagger image. Any chance you could reference it for me? Thanks so much.

    • Hey Nancy, glad to hear you’re making one! I didn’t save the link where I found it, but I searched Google for a “dagger clipart image” at the time. I’ve found adding “clipart” to your search terms helps get more simple & graphic type of results 🙂

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