Hi friends! I hope your last few weekends have been nice and relaxing. I’ve enjoyed a few weekends at home after a busy week at work, and have been able to get a lot of things done lately.  I haven’t done an update in awhile, so thought it was a good time to catch you up on everything going on here.

Earlier this October was my first DIY night at West Elm! I walked 10 ladies through making an oyster shell map canvas and a wine glass on a Thursday night and really enjoyed it.  It was great having a few friends there, plus meeting new ones and sharing my craft knowledge on a few various materials and forms!

The most exciting news was our early Christmas present to ourselves – buying a golf cart!  It’s a great way to get around our neighborhood and close area and we both enjoy riding around and listening to music to relax.. especially after a long day at work.  We (aka I) named him Gary.

I recently made some pumpkin muffins and then delivered some to our friends in the neighborhood. Probably the most domestic and suburban thing I’ve ever done haha. I forgot how delicious they are and we snacked on them until they were gone.

As the holiday season is coming up, I’ve also been gearing up and getting my inventory ready.  Any “off weekend” we have, I have been working while watching football.  I have a few new products in my Etsy shop and have been restocking all of the others for the shopping season – map ornaments, pillow covers, oysters & more!  You can find everything I offer in my Etsy shop and find the stores my products are currently at here.

While most of the big yard work was done before football season started, the side bed that we share with our neighbors has been a continual work in progress over the last few months. That whole side is filled with 20 years of over-growth and we would work on cleaning it up a weekend at a time. We started working on it when mom was in town and helping with the yard (first 2 pictures below) and after another big weekend of work, we’re almost done!  

Our last step will be to cut down what’s remaining of the bush’s branches, clean up the crete myrtles and weed so the bed is nice and clean!

I hear that fall temperatures are coming to Charleston this week, so maybe it’ll actually feel like fall soon.  We’re off for a weekend of college football with friends next weekend and back in time for Halloween.  Cheers to a productive fall!

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