Happy day after Halloween, everyone!  Like I mentioned, I was excited about celebrating Halloween in our new neighborhood and seeing all the houses decorated really got me into the spirit this year!

I wore my DIY Arya t-shirt to work on Tuesday – some of my team members and I talk GoT every Monday morning during the season and lots of people appreciated the shirt.

I’m not sure how many people here actually know this, but I have a full time job in software development at Booz Allen (formerly SPARC and we still call it that)!  My current team is now 17 people strong and we are building some cool stuff, so our work pumpkin was carved to hold an iPad and we turned it into an iPad kiosk, complete with card swipe.

The real fun came after work when I went from Arya to a Chickfila team member.  Again, if yall don’t know, I am a huge Chickfila fan. Like had my 25th birthday party at Chickfila type of fan… So it’s actually kinda amazing that this hasn’t been a costume of mine before.

So during one of my weekly drive thru lunch pick ups at Chickfila, I realized that being a Chickfila employee would be a perfect costume and pretty easy to put together.  All I really needed was a red polo and a drink cup with their logo, but let’s be serious.. I took it way further than that.

Red polo – I actually was just given a red polo with our neighborhood logo on it from one of my friends so I uploaded the Chickfila logo in Design Space, cut it in white vinyl, then applied that on a red vinyl rectangle.  I just put the vinyl on top of the embroidered logo on my polo and my polo was done!

Visor – You’ll notice most of the employees wear a black visor and I found one for a few bucks on Amazon.  I knew I could customize it using some htv and my Cricut, so I uploaded the Chickfila C into Design Space, created a border and then cut a red square on htv and the Chickfila piece on white htv.

The hardest part was adding that to the visor since it’s curved.  I used an iron and did the red square, then the white logo piece on top.  It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough for Halloween.

Little baby kitty Cleo is usually dragged into my costumes whether she likes it or not and I actually forgot I found her a cow hat from Michael’s back in September when I was in Atlanta.  I cut a small piece of card stock and wrote ‘Eat Mor Chikin” on it with a sharpie, punched 2 holes and added twine to put around her neck as my little cow.

I kept my drink cup from my Monday lunch and ordered a small nugget tray for us to have for dinner and share with friends.  The best part happened when I picked up the tray Tuesday after work: I mentioned that I was going to be a Chickfila employee for Halloween and the manager loved that and asked if I wanted a real name tag. OF COURSE I DID. So I am now the proud owner of an official Chicky name tag.
The last thing I did was carve the Chickfila C into our pumpkin.Put it all together and you have a Chickfila team member and baby cat cow!  Kids loved the pumpkin and both kids and their parents weren’t sure if I was a real employee or not, so I’d call that a success!  

No way I’m topping this year’s last minute costume & theme..

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  • I love it! I especially love that you got the cat in on it. Our dog was a cow for Halloween last year & I used part of that costume to make Cupcake’s!

    • I was wondering when you mentioned the cow head was part of a dog costume! Semi-homemade costumes really are the best!

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