My sister had these burlap trees on the list of crafts to make while she was in town in October.  I’m a huge fan of natural type holiday decor and love greens so this was right up my alley.  Lauren found this project that we were originally going to replicate… but it turned into us making our own version, like most crafts go.

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Burlap + Wood Block Trees

What you’ll need:

Ultimately you’re going to wrap the foam cones in green burlap ribbon to create a tree and then put the wooden block on the bottom as a base; however, things are almost never as straightforward as that in the craft world.. 

To start you’ll want to get the burlap ribbon and wrap it around your foam cone until you get the coverage and shape that you like.  Once you have a good idea of how this will work, put some hot glue on the top edge of the cone and attach the bottom of the ribbon there.  Since these foam cones don’t have a top, you’ll need to shape the top of the cone with the excess ribbon first before moving down the tree.

When the top looks good, begin wrapping the burlap around the cone.  Try to keep an even amount of ribbon showing between each layer.  At the bottom cut the ribbon and glue it to the cone.  Then put a little hot glue in spots going up the cone so the layers will stay in place.  Cut any excess ribbon at the bottom so it’s even.

Repeat this for all of your trees.  Between my sister and myself we had a LOT of trees to do. We literally created a forest.

Originally we were going to cover foam bases with natural burlap and put wooden dowels in them to connect them to the tree, but it was just not working out… so we scraped that idea!  Instead we just hot glued a wooden block to the bottom of the foam tree. WAY easier and much sturdier. And cheaper. And I just really liked how that brought in another texture.

Just like that the burlap Christmas trees were ready for the holidays… 2 months early haha. It’s never too early to start projects for Christmas, right??  I put my 3 on my mantle to see how I liked them and I really did, so I bet that’s where they’ll live when Christmas decor goes up!

Can’t wait to bring them out with our other Christmas decor after Thanksgiving! …Or sooner… we’ll see 😉

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