I’m so excited to share a gift idea with yall today – house illustrations! My friend Emily, of Texture Design Co., can make house illustrations for you or for a gift.  After we moved to the new house, I knew I wanted one to put in the entry way. All you do is send some photos of your home, then Emily asked if there was anything else I wanted to include – like our American flag and making sure both sago palms looked alive out front. 

When I got a photo of the house, I was so excited I blew the surprise for Hunter and showed him.  He loved it more than I thought he would and asked if we’d get a print to hang in the foyer.  I also had these made as stationery so I could use them for thank you notes or for any other occasion. 

The best part is the January slots for house illustrations will be available for purchase tomorrow morning!  If you’re looking for a great house warming gift or just a way to remember a favorite place you should look into these. You can find these in her shop!

Emily is from Georgia and so sweet and funny.  Her only fault is being a UGA fan, but she acknowledges their fans are obnoxious, so you know she’s good people 😉  I always love showcasing great local creatives and this is another one in the Charleston area!

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