First of all, a happy 60th birthday goes out to my Mom, Pegs today!  We surprised her 4 months early with a birthday weekend over the 4th of July with the whole family so today may be little quieter, but I know her neighbors have plenty of fun things planned to celebrate the milestone birthday.

Well… for the big birthday, I wanted to make a fun card instead of just buying a card from the grocery store so I checked out the projects in Design Space to see what was there. I’d never done a pop up card before so decided that I’d be up for the challenge and checked my card stock pile and grabbed what else I needed from Hobby Lobby.

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Birthday Pop up Card

What you’ll need:

This is the cute birthday pop up card I saw in Design Space and chose to customize it. The card is free if you have a Cricut Access account. Cricut Access premium gets you access to all the great projects you might want!

Side note: I always chose to customize projects just to see if I want to tweak anything before cutting.

One of the first things I always do is change the colors of the pieces to be more in line with what my project will look like so it’s easy to tell what I’m cutting.  I already had some 5″ x 7″ envelopes so didn’t need to cut an additional piece of card stock to make an envelope and deleted that piece of the design.

I wasn’t making any other changes to the card, so got my supplies ready and cut!  Load your scoring stylus in clamp A of your machine and then use the normal blade in clamp B for this project. Having the scoring stylus really makes the folding of the card so much easier.  Then just cut all your materials!

When everything is cut out, you’ll need to first fold the card so the pop up text pops out and then glue the white pieces to the back of the candles, and then the blue to the gold glitter card stock to finish the card.

Note: Glitter card stock is pretty thick so I put my machine on the glitter card stock setting.  I was honestly surprised at how well the scoring stylus still worked on the card stock. There was a corner where the card stock wasn’t cut perfectly, but I easily pulled away the frayed card stock so you couldn’t tell.

When the glue is dried, your card is ready!  I didn’t realize how hard it would be to write on the dark blue card stock, so I cut a small piece of white card stock and added it to the message area with glue so I could write in black sharpie.

Another Cricut card made that adds some personalization that you don’t get from the store bought card!

Hope you have a wonderful day, Mom! Can’t wait to eat our way through new restaurants and look at all the Christmas decorations when you’re here soon!

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