We don’t have plans to host Thanksgiving at our house anytime soon, but since my sister is it made me think about a table setting for her when she was in town and we were crafting up a storm.  I made mini fabric pumpkins for decoration, but she decided to use hers as Thanksgiving place cards, so we thought of a fun way to add the names to each pumpkin!

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Pumpkin Leaf Place Cards

What you’ll need:

Since the mini pumpkins were cute, we decided to put names on leaves and attach them to the pumpkins!  First open Design Space and upload a leaf image.  Save it as a cut image and add it to your canvas.  Then I changed the color to green to be close to the card stock we’d cut it out on and resized to be about 2.5″ wide.

You have an option here… if you have great handwriting, you just need to cut the leaves for each pumpkin and write the names on them yourself.

I do not have great handwriting. In fact depending on my mood my handwriting can range from okay, to guy scribbles to not legible… so I was going to have Cricut do the writing for me and make these look nice 😉

I added Kelley as text and then opened the font choices, filtered to ‘writing’ fonts and chose one.  I really liked the script of Adelaide so went with that.

You’ll notice that the letters don’t connect.  You could move them closer until they do, or just click to separate into individual letters and move them so they go together and connect like normal script.  Once they all touch, make sure to attach them so they’ll stay in that formation.

Now you’ll want to change the pen to the correct one.  My goal was to write these in gold, but I didn’t have a Cricut pen or other one that fit in the clamp, so I decided to write with a green one and I would trace over it in gold.  I changed each letter to be the 0.4 tip pen that I would be using.

Then I moved the name on top of the leaf and resized as necessary to make it fit best.  Make sure to attach the name to the leaf so they will be cut correctly.  Duplicate for as many leaf place cards as you need to create.

Now you’re ready to write & cut.  Click ‘Make it Now’ and make sure each leaf has it’s name on top.  Choose card stock as your material, put your green pen in clamp A and cut! The Maker will first write everything, then cut the leaves out.  When removing the leaves, the spatula helps getting them off the mat.

With the leaves cut and names written, I just needed to finish them with the gold  pen on top – this only applies to your if you didn’t have a gold pen that fit the clamp).  I used my gold pen to just trace over the names so my handwriting would look nice.  Not a bad result!

The final step is to cut some twine and tie a leaf to each fabric pumpkin to create your place card at each setting.  Now you have a natural pumpkin look to add some fun to your table!

I love how these place cards turned out and can’t wait to see how they look on my sister’s table.  Maybe one day we’ll host a Thanksiving here and I can make these for our guests!

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