I’ve made an assortment of ornaments for the Christmas tree over the last few years, but hadn’t really used my Cricut to make any… so when there was the opportunity to do an ornament swap with Cricut makers, I was in!  I saw some wood slices at Michael’s, and decided to make a rustic ornament for someone else.

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Wood Slice Ornament

What you’ll need:

Like I mentioned, I found some wood slices at Michael’s in the wood section and picked them up.  The piece I chose to use was about 2.5″ wide.  When I was getting ribbon last year for my mini oyster shell wreaths at Michael’s, I picked up a roll of thinner Christmas gingham ribbon for later use – well later ended up being 11 months later.  Everything else I already had in the organized chaos of my home office / craft room!

Use the sponge brush to paint a circle of chalkboard paint on one side of your wood slice.  Let it dry & cure for 24 hours.

I had recently bought the cute Merry and Bright – #M4099F7A image from Cricut’s database, so decided to use that as my wording. I thought about making a stencil and painting the words on, but was worried about the paint bleeding on the tree slice rings so opted to just use vinyl instead.

I inserted the image, changed all the colors to black and attached all 3 parts together.  Then I measured the wood slice and resized my image to be 2″ wide so it’d fit nicely on the painted part of the wood slice.

Next I cut my design on my white vinyl. Choose vinyl as your material and load it on your mat. I used my blue mat and some scrap white vinyl I had.

When the design was cut, I weeded out the excess vinyl using my weeder tool.  Then I cut some transfer tape and put it on top of the weeded vinyl and used the scraper tool to make sure it was adhered well.  Pull the back of the paper from the vinyl away and then place the vinyl on top of the ornament – painted side up.

Use your scraper tool again to make sure the vinyl is adhered to the wood slice and slowly peel the transfer tape away, making sure that the vinyl is staying on the ornament.

Next, I drilled a hole in the top using the drill bit and drill. Thread some twine in the hole and tie it off to create the hanging ornament.

The last step was to cut some ribbon and tie a bow on the twine.  Now your homemade rustic ornament is done!  This lil guy ended up getting shipped off to California!

I like how you can customize this by changing the words on the wood slice or the ribbon color to match your decor, but keep the rustic look.  I think I’ll have to make another for our tree..

Today I’m linking up with some other Cricut creatives to share more ways to make cute ornaments with your Cricut!


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