Sharing the second DIY from my Christmas table setting this year – my joy and peace wine glasses!  Originally I had planned to add some Christmas trees to the wine glasses, like what I did on my place mats, but decided to go another route once I put everything together. Instead, I wanted to add ‘joy’ and ‘peace’ to wine glasses to match the appetizer plates I got from Hobby Lobby.  I’ve been loving this chrome gold, so chose that again for the words.

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Joy + Peace Wine Glasses

What you’ll need:

First things first, I needed to create my ‘joy’ and ‘peace’ words in Design Space.  I typed out ‘joy’, changed the font to a scripty one and then ungrouped the word letters so I could manually make them connect.

Once all the letters connected, I welded them to be 1 image so it’d cut correctly.  Then I repeated for ‘peace’.  I resived both words to be 2.5″ wide and cut!

This was another project where I was happy to be able to use up some scrap vinyl I had on hand and didn’t need to buy any supplies.

Once the words are cut, weed out the excess vinyl with your weeding tool.  Then put some transfer tape on top of each word and cut to be the right size.  Use the scraper to make sure the transfer tape is on securely.

Finally, you’ll removing the backing of the vinyl, adhere the vinyl to the wine glass and slowly remove the top clear piece.  Then your glasses are done!

I’m glad I decided to make these with words on them instead of trees so I can use them more frequently throughout the year.  The chrome gold worked perfectly with the plates and I have a feeling the glasses will get a lot of use this season!

2 Thoughts on “Joy + Peace wine glasses”

  • Love these!!! Been wanting to put some vinyl on glasses, but not sure how to do it without the vinyl “bubbling” because it has to go around the curve of the glass. Any tips???

    • I’ve learned to start from the middle and press out with the curve of the glass. It helps reduce the wrinkles!

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