Ready for another project completed when my sister was in town? I told you we were busy!  One of the 2 Christmas projects we did was to create a wreath with some holly and berries. The fun part was that it was the first felt project I had undertaken with my Maker and was excited to see how easy it was to cut that material.

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Holly & Berry Grapevine Wreath

What you’ll need:

We found the wreath, berry sprigs and some felt at Hobby Lobby, so the first step was to find a good holly image to use to cut on our felt.  I ended up finding one I liked in Design Space, duplicated it and flipped the duplicate horizontally so both pieces would be the same shape coming out from the center.  I changed their color to a light green and duplicated both again for the dark green pair.  My canvas looked like this at the end:

Now you cut your felt! This was my first felt project on any Cricut (besides getting to play at the Cricut Mountain Makeathon) so I was actually a little nervous.  Make sure to remove the sticker from the back of the felt, place it on your mat (I used my green mat), load your rotary blade in the Maker, set your material and cut!

We both watched it cut – it’s really mesmerizing!  When you unload your mat, it almost looks like nothing was cut, but then you peel the excess away and the design was perfect cut and sitting on the mat.  I was seriously impressed.

After you cut all 4 pieces of felt, you’ll want to move to your wreath.  First you’ll attach the 2 berry sprigs to the top of the wreath.  I placed them where I wanted them, cut the end of the sprigs that were too long and then used smaller pieces of floral wire to twist and attach them to the wreath in various places.

Now you’ll use some hot glue to add your felt to the wreath.  I wanted to layer my 2 green with the darker on on bottom so placed it on the wreath and put a few dots of hot glue to get it to stick to the wreath / berry sprigs.  Then I layered the lighter green on top and attached it with hot glue as well.

Next, move the berries around to poke through some of the places where where were gaps in the felt, like they were part of the felt holly.

There will be a little bit of a gap in the middle, so wrap some burlap ribbon around it and attach it with hot glue.  You’re done!

My sister used slightly brighter greens, but I love the combination of both of them with the red berries and natural grapevine and burlap ribbon.

I went ahead and hung ours the week of Thanksgiving (I was excited) and it looks good against the sage green color of our front door.  Yay for another Christmas wreath!

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