It’s no surprise I love blues, greens, whites and anything natural so I bet you already know what my present wrapping looks like. In the past it seemed like once I bought the gifts, the last thing I want to do is wrap them, so I’m sharing some of my tips to making that as easy and less stressful as possible! Plus your gifts will look cute and personal, and who doesn’t like that?

Keep it Simple

When we moved from the apartment to our first home, I had all this random wrapping paper for different occasions that seemed crazy to tote around with me.  Ever since I ran out of it, I’ve stuck with just keeping it simple and using kraft paper or white wrapping paper.  It works for any event you’re wrapping for, you can easily dress it up or down and add color to your package!  Plus you won’t have rolls and rolls of themed paper to keep up with.

Add Something Natural

Adding a sprig of rosemary to the top of a wrapped package is officially my favorite thing to do. So much so that my friends know it’s my gift if they see one haha.  We have a rosemary bush so day of the event I’ll go outside and clip a piece and tie it into the ribbon to add some color & fragrance.

Don’t have rosemary? Around Christmastime you can find greenery everywhere and it looks so great on presents, tables, fireplaces, etc.  Even a clipping of a flower in the spring would be pretty (as long as it’s fresh enough it didn’t wilt)!

Use Colorful Ribbon

While I love using twine on just about anything, if you’re sticking with neutral wrapping paper, the easiest way to bring color to your package is with ribbon. I found some cute gingham ribbon at Michael’s and got some fun colors from Cream City Ribbon that helped make my presents pop!

Make your own Tags

You can buy packs of sticker tags at the store orrrr you can make your own!  Sometimes I just write on the package with a Sharpie and this year I made some other tags out of layered card stock using my Cricut Maker.  They had some templates for tags, so I created my own (link to project here) with a few layers to incorporate different card stock!

Ornaments Double as a Tag

Outside of making your own tag, you can always use something unexpected as a tag – like an ornament!  I have to admit my friend’s mom was the first one to use some of my oyster shell ornaments as tags and I just LOVED it so have done it every year since.  If you find another personal or interesting ornament, tie that on the package to double as a tag and then the recipient can use it on their tree too!

Have Fun!

Like I mentioned before, I had some ribbon (maybe had some wine too) and just made a fun design on one of the packages.  It was actually relaxing making something creative during the chaotic season.  Don’t worry about things being perfect, just have a little fun 🙂

At the end of the day, this time of year is for spending time with family and friends, so don’t stress out and enjoy the little things – even wrapping gifts!  What’s your wrapping style like?

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