Since we moved to our new home in June and all of our neighbors are so sweet (plus we love our friends in the hood), I decided to make some cookies to give everyone….. at 4pm… on December 21st.  Clearly I’m crazy and don’t know what to do with myself when I close my shop for the holidays so I come up with more projects!

I looked through my craft supplies and had some blue paper gift bags in a drawer, so decided to fill those with cookies and make a cute tag for the holidays on card stock to attach to the bags as gifts.

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DIY Holiday Bags

What you’ll need:

First things first – create the tags in Design Space.  I searched for an ornament tag image and found one I liked so inserted it to my canvas.  I resized it to be 3.75″ wide based on the width of my bags and updated the colors of the 2 layers to be in line with the card stock I’d be using: white & gold.

Now I wanted to add some text to the white piece, so first I hid the gold one (click the eye ball on the image in right menu).  I added a text box and searched for a writing font so Cricut would be doing all the work.  You can filter to only view writing fonts by clicking ‘filter’ on the right of the search box when clicking fonts.

I ended up selecting a font called ‘birthday bash’.  Then I wrote out my message and changed the pen to the black 0.4 tip.  I added another message with our names in the same writing font and changed the pen to the 0.4 tip gold option.  I selected both pieces of text and the white ornament background, center aligned them and then attached them so they would all stay together when written & cut.  This is what my canvas looked like:

I duplicated my template 7 times so I would have 8 total tags, for the 8 bags I was going to make.  I clicked cut and then rearranged everything so I could get all 8 on one piece of 12″ x 12″ white card stock.  Load your black pen in clamp A and your blade in clamp B and you’re ready to write & cut!

When the pieces have been written & cut, remove them from your mat with your spatula and put your gold sparkle paper on the mat.  On the canvas you’ll now want to hide the white ornament & writing and unhide the gold ornament (with the design).  Duplicate that 7 times so you have 8 and then click ‘Make it’.

Again, rearrange your mat to get all 8 on 1 mat and be efficient with your paper.  Tip: Click the ‘…’ on the right of an image on a mat and choose to move it to another mat if you know it’ll fit.  I had to do that with 2 of the ornaments, but got all 8 situated nicely.

Also make sure to change your material to ‘sparkle paper.’ If it’s not something you use all the time, you’ll want to view more materials and search for it.

Now watch the Maker do it’s thing and cut all those designs..

When it’s done cutting, use the spatula to get the designs off the mat – it’s especially important to use it with more intricate designs so nothing is ripped by accident.

Now you have your tags!

The last step is to attach them to the bags (once the bags are filled with cookies).  I folded the top of my bag over twice, used my hole punch to punch 2 holes in the middle, threaded the ribbon through and tied it in a knot.  Then I looped my tag in (white piece with writing on back facing the bag first, then gold on top) and tied a bow!

These were all delivered on Friday after work before we left for Georgia the next day!  I loved seeing how excited the neighbors were to receive them and enjoy the molasses crinkle cookies.

Want to make these tags? Find the project in Design Space here!

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