2016 was a hard year to beat, but 2017 was just as wonderful to me and my lil business!  A lot of people do a ‘Top 9 of <year>’, but it’s based on the number of likes your photos get and I wanted mine to be more representative of me, so I wanted to share my personal top moments of 2017!

Cricut Mountain Makeathon

My top CK moment of the year was attending the Cricut Mountain Makeathon.  I was flown out to Salt Lake City for my first solo trip, my first CK business trip and just a few days of being around some of the most creative people I’ve ever met.  I met wonderful new friends, stepped outside my comfort zone (in many ways) and crafted while taking a few days off from my day job.  I left with a renewed sense of creativity and passion; knowing that I really really love creating things and sharing them with you.

Buying our 2nd home (and selling the first)

This can easily be classified as both the most exciting and stressful adventure of the year.  We renovated our first home to put it on the market, sold it, lived with friends for a short bit, then bought our second home and moved in.  There were happy, sad & stressed tears, a lot of home projects, and a freaked out kitty in there, but we are now happily settled in the new place and making it home, one room and project at a time.  Plus, I finally have a home office that is just perfect!

CK in Stores!

2017 was the first time CK products were available for purchase in stores!  I started with a 6 month stint in Skinny Dip Charleston’s local vibes section, and am currently in 5 stores in 3 states.  My biggest goals of 2017 were to do more in person events & put my products in stores and I’m happy to say I achieved both!

My First Pop Up & DIY Class

Like I mentioned, a 2017 goal was to do more in person events, which can be tricky when you work 40-50 hours a week in software development.  I value my time with my husband, football season & tackling house projects, but managed to do my first pop up at West Elm this spring!  I’ve had a few more pop ups since and taught 2 DIY classes – something I never thought I would do (btw it was awesome and I loved teaching).  I would like to do more of these, as long as I can balance everything else.

First Magazine Feature

One of the most exciting events of the year was when Charleston Magazine reached out to see if I could send some products to be featured in their May “Mother’s Day” issue.  They used my oyster jewelry dishes and I was shocked and so excited by the spread!  I totally framed the pages and they’re in my office now 🙂

Lowcountry Live Gift Guide

I was also excited to be included in Lowcountry Live’s holiday gift guide and have my 2nd TV appearance (products, not myself thank goodness).  They always have great local products featured on their show and it’s great getting local support!  You can watch the segment here.

Clemson National Championship

Yes, I’m a Georgia Tech fan and yes, this isn’t exactly related to CK, but attending the national championship in Tampa and watching my husband watch his team win a national championship was amazing.  I was so excited for him and you couldn’t help but get caught up in all the fun and excitement (go ACC!), so it’s on my list this year and something I know we’ll look back on the rest of our lives.

3rd Holiday Season

This was my 3rd and busiest holiday season yet!  It seems like no matter the preparations I start in August, I will sell out of items and keep busy for the 6 weeks between November & when I close for Christmas.  It’s a great problem to have and I continue to learn a lot and improve my online shop.

Crafting with My Sister

This is for you, Lauren!  Most of the time I’m making projects by myself, after work in my office. Don’t get me wrong, I love the alone time and it’s a way for me to relieve stress from work, but I also enjoy crafting with others.  When my sister & BIL came to visit in October, she had a list of projects she wanted to make and kept me busy all weekend.  It was exhausting, but I loved it and that it’s become another way to bond & hang out with my sister. We even bought, created & installed a gallery wall in her home when we were in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend.

I am so thankful for everyone’s support!  Your comments, messages, orders, photos of projects you’ve made, etc get me excited and make me so happy.  I love sharing my life & projects with you and it really makes my day when I hear back from someone.  You have no idea how a message would make me feel, especially if I was tired or worn down – it keeps me going on my lil side business and makes everything fun for me.

So thank you 2017, for a wonderful year!

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