We’ve had a cold few days in Charleston, but they became a little more fun when it snowed yesterday!  The area hasn’t seen snow since some ice and a light dusting in 2014 so it was exciting when the 2-4″ they predicted was more like 6-8″.  We woke up to freezing rain, but by lunchtime it had turned to big snow flakes and was coming down heavy all afternoon through the early night.  We had about 6″ when it got dark and it would cover your boots as you stepped in it!

I had to work from home, but watched the snow from my office window and took a break around 4pm to check everything out and see friends on Gary, our golf cart with Hunter. Lots of people were out playing in the snow and there were even some skiers, kneeboarders, tubers and snowboarders going through the streets behind golf carts or cars.  One even made the local news!

After driving around and seeing frozen ponds and snow covered homes, we ran around the golf course behind our house with friends and eventually went in to warm back up by the fire.

Today is just as cold, so our offices are closed and we’ll be working from home again.  Maybe things will warm up soon for the snow & ice to melt, but until then we’ll enjoy the rare snow beauty down here!  It’s weird looking outside and seeing a huge white blanket..

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  • Kelly~Love seeing the snow on the palm! Thanks for sharing! I have a question: You use pillow covers with the woven jute trim. I’m trying to find covers like these to make a “grandmother’s pillow” as a gift and can’t find them. Are you willing to share where you purchase the ones you use for your projects? Thanks!

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