Back in December when Pegs was in town, we headed to one of the newest restaurants in Mt. Pleasant, Grace & Grit, to check it out and celebrate my 30th birthday a little early.  I was back a week later for happy hour with the girls and then again for brunch with Hunter’s family.  Seriously, within 3 weeks I had knocked out dinner, happy hour & brunch and feel pretty good about sharing my thoughts with yall!

The restaurant is in a brand new building with an interesting outside so I was excited to see what was inside.  The main dining room has a bar, community table and lots of booths – plus this cool use of oyster shells as a divider between the booths.  Oyster shells and a nautical theme? Sold.

Obviously with “grit” in their name, you had to expect them to serve some grits.  They have a whopping 15 types of grits on their menu you can taste and if you can’t decide then go with the grit flight.  It’s a sampler of 4: pimento cheese, brussels sprouts pesto, blueberry and peaches n cream.

Yes, sweet grits sound weird and we were all skeptical of them, but goodness they were good!  Every time I’ve been there, we’ve ordered the grit flight to share and every time people are surprised at how good each one is.  I still favor the savory ones (brussels sprouts is my favorite), but the sweet ones would be a great dessert.
Now that you’re warmed up, it’s time to get to the rest of the menu.  It’s Charleston, so you’re going to find a lot of seafood and Southern foods put together in a fun way.  For example, the cornbread they bring the table includes sage & apple for a little flavor you wouldn’t expect, but will LOVE.

The biggest surprise was how big the portions were, at every meal. I came close, but couldn’t quite finish my dinner – fresh local fish with the boiled peanut succotash. It was the same story with the southern fried chicken n biscuit for brunch.  You’ll come hungry and leave stuffed & with leftovers for later – plus the grits heat up well!

Other favorites have been the old village vintage breakfast, farmer’s omelet, pancakes for brunch, crab & corn fritters and bacon creamed corn for a light happy hour and sweet tea brined pork chop or whole fried local flounder for dinner!

If you want to go back, let me know because I want to try more of those grits!  Happy to have another great spot for any meal nearby.

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