Two years ago was the year of the weddings, and I have a feeling this might be the year of the babies, or at least the start of that phase in our lives.  Quite a few friends are expecting and that gave me an excuse to buy some blank onesies and make a lil gift for them to celebrate!

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DIY Funny Onesie

What you’ll need:

First you need to create your design in Design Space.  It’s no secret I love wine, so I opted for a lil play on wine and decided to put “I’ll have the house white” on the onesises.

I wanted “white” to be in a script font, so I typed it out, separated the word by letters, lined them up to connect like they would in script and welded the letters together to create 1 image.

Next, I added the first part of my design, and made both pieces the same width, 4″ to fit nicely on the onesie.  I also changed the color of the word “white” since I was cutting that in a different color vinyl so it would be on a different mat.  Now you’re ready to cut!

I ended up cutting the top part in black iron on and the bottom in silver iron on on my Maker machine.  Then I used my weeder to get the excess vinyl out from my design.

Now it’s time to add the vinyl to the onesie.  Turn your EasyPress on and set it to 305 degrees and 30 seconds.  I always like to iron the material first to heat it a little and get out any wrinkles, then put your design on top.  When the EasyPress is ready, place it on top of the design and click the “C” to start the timer.  After 30 seconds, slowly remove the clear backing and your onesie is done!

Can’t wait for some of my best friends to have a lil one running around in this one day and hope it gives my friends a laugh!  What other funny phrases can I put on onesies to give the mom & dad a laugh?

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