Target’s Dollar Spot always gets me when I first walk in the store (my sister has been on the phone with me several times as I walk in and then suddenly go quiet as I think of projects).  There are great blank items just asking to be customized and I spotted a cute cosmetic bag for $3 a few weeks ago that I thought could be a cute Galentine’s Day gift.

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Hello Gorgeous Make Up Bag

What you’ll need:

Like usual, we’ll start by getting our design together in Design Space.  Similar to the clutch and onesie, type the scripty part of your design, then ungroup the word to letters so you can connect them together like the normal version of a script word.

Once the letters slightly overlap, weld all of them together to make 1 image.  Then add “Hello” in all uppercase and upload a heart to put on the right side.  I liked this heart (#MB0323) in Design Space.

Next, change the color of the words to be white and the heart to be a gold color to match the vinyl you’ll cut it on.

Then you’ll make sure Hello & gorgeous are center aligned, attach them and you’re ready to cut!

Because your designs are different colors, they’ll cut on different mats.  Load your white htv and cut the words, then load the gold glitter htv to cut the heart and weed out the excess with your weeder tool.

Turn on your EasyPress and set it to 265 degrees and the timer to 15 seconds.  Place your design on the make up bag and then the EasyPress on top and start the timer.  If the htv isn’t adhered after 15 seconds, repeat for another 15.  Then slowly pull the clear backing off and your bag is done!

Perfect lil gift to give to a friend or keep for your self.  Gotta love projects that cost less than $5!

PS – You can find this project to make yourself in Design Space here!

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