I’m officially in love with paper flowers.  I liked how the potted paper philodendron turned out, really liked the paper daises we made for American Cancer Society employees, but I am in loveeeee with these paper flowers and have been dying to share this project on the blog.

Our friend Michele is expecting and she’s the first in our group to have a baby so there’s a group of aunts that are really excited to host a baby shower.  We opted for a floral theme which gave me the perfect excuse to try new paper flowers with the help of my Cricut.

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Paper Flower Decorated Letter Board

What you’ll need:

It’s always nice to have a lil welcome sign and I just scored a great stand up letter board at Hobby Lobby that I was going to use for CK events and decided to decorate it with some paper flowers and use at the shower as well!

I opened Design Space and looked f0r paper flower projects that I could use and came across this one with 3 different types of flowers and clicked to customize it.  I thought 2 would be good for what I wanted and deleted the 3rd.

Then I increased both of the designs to be 11.5″ wide and started cutting them on different colored paper – 1 sheet per flower!  After doing 6 bigger flowers, I resized the designs to 8″ wide and cut smaller flowers.  Next I inserted a leaf image (same one from my paper daisies) and cut 8 leaves: 4 ~3″ long and 4 slightly smaller on the green card stock.

When everything is cut, it’s time to assemble the flowers!  This version is fun because you start at one end and tightly roll the flower spiral up, then hold it in your hand let it unroll some to give it the flower shape.  Hot glue the bottom to the circle base to keep the flower spiral in place, and repeat for each flower.

After I finished the first flower I was so excited about how this was going to turn out.  Okay, since I didn’t want these flowers to stay on my letter board forever (although maybe now I will) I decided to just use painter’s tape to attach the flowers and leaves to two corners of the letter board – they’ll stick fine, but easily come off later when I want them to.

Arrange your flowers on the corners where you like, slide some leaves underneath until you’re happy with the design and then tape each piece to the wooden edge of the letter board.

The last step is to just add your message for your event, and you’re done!  This will be perfect to greet attendees to the shower!

Can’t wait to share more DIYs from the event this weekend – told you I got excited and wanted to share it!  I’m also trying to figure out where else I can add paper flowers in my life… These were easy to make and look so darn cute!

Here’s a photo of the letter board at the shower welcoming guests – looking good!

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