I’m sharing a little bit more of our home in today’s post!  We moved into our new home last June, but have our work cut out for us to update it from the 80s / 90s to be more our style.  I’ve shared my home office and the guest bedroom + bath, because they’re the only rooms that are in a more “done” state than all the others.

Outside of scraping ceilings in 2 rooms upstairs, most of our work has been outside or else minor cosmetic things.  That’s slowly changing as we gear up for a renovation in the living room and work on the dining room as well. Before we see the progress, let’s see where it began with the listing photos..

Overall the dining room isn’t in bad shape (you should see some of our bathrooms) and has just been empty for months.  Well after breakfast one weekend, we popped into Steven Shell to start getting some ideas for the dining room… and found a table we couldn’t leave without.

Once the table was delivered, I was motivated to do the one other easy thing – take down the outdated curtains.  These were controlled by a chain that went down to the floor on the right, so there were lots of things to unscrew and remove before the window was clean.

Not a bad start!  Next up in this room is to scrape the ceilings, paint the walls, add bead board below the chair rail, remove those doors and replace the light fixture.  Then we need a rug, chairs, curtains and a piece to display & store some family china.  When we eventually tackle the kitchen renovation, we’ll open up the wall on the right to the kitchen to have it more open concept.

All in good time, but I’m happy we made a little progress and just seeing the table that we’ll enjoy years of family meals at makes me happy.

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