Who’s excited for the Olympics??  Every 2 years I get so excited that the Olympics are back on and that’s basically all that I watch.  My sister and I typically go all out during the Olympics (ie – USA Dress Day), so when she asked me to make a banner for her Opening Ceremony Olympic themed party, I was so in.

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America Banner

What you’ll need:

Since we celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday over the 4th of July and I made a banner for that, I had a great template to work off of.  I opened that project in Design Space, duplicated the banner pieces for the amount I needed for this project (9: America + 2 stars), and started changing the colors of each piece to match what my banner would look like.  I added the letters for America and put one on each banner piece.

The 2 outside pieces would have stars cut out of them, so I inserted a star shape, and resized it to fit on the top piece.  After centering it on the top piece, I selected both and sliced them.  This cuts the star out from the top layer, so I deleted the 2 excess pieces and was left with a star cut out from the top layer like below.

I changed the colors of the 2 star banner pieces so that everything would be cut on the right pieces.  When you zoom out of the canvas, this is what all your pieces look like.

Now click “Make it” and Cricut will divide all your pieces up and put them on different mats depending on the color.  I ended up with 11 mats to cover all the different pieces on the different types of paper and card stock I was using.  Put your first first piece of card stock on your standard mat and start cutting.

After cutting all of your pieces, arrange them so you know what goes with what banner piece.  Then glue each layer together with the letters on top, making sure the holes for the twine line up.

Finally thread twine through the holes, starting from the right and working your way through.  Twine is my favorite to use for banners because it’s a lil thick and the banner pieces don’t easily slide around on it.

After the twine is threaded, your banner is done! I hung it up to check it out before shipping off to my sister.

We purposely made it a more generic America banner so it can be used throughout the year for a lot of holidays or sporting events.  If you want to make your own America banner, you can find the project on Design Space here.

Go Team USA!

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