I mentioned that we have a lot of friends who are pregnant and we were so excited to shower Michele recently!   This gave me an excuse to play with my Cricut and come up with some decor for the baby shower and try something new – cake toppers!

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Baby Shower Cake

What you’ll need:

I thought it would be fun to have a bigger cake topper that said “Oh Baby” on it and then smaller, individual pacifiers  for some of the other food we were making.  First, open up Design Space and write out oh baby – I opted for a scripty font.  Ungroup the text to letters so you can connect the o&h, and then the b,a,b & y to create the 2 words.

Weld the 2 words to create 2 images.  Rearrange the oh to be on top of baby and make sure that the 2 words connect in a few places – they will need to connect to create 1 image that is the cake topper.  Weld everything together to create that 1 image and resize to be 6″ wide.

Load your gold glitter card stock on a standard mat, change your material to glitter card stock and cut!  Carefully remove the cut image and excess card stock from the mat using a spatula and bending the mat away from the design.

Now for the pacifiers – I found a pacifier image from the Baby Steps cartridge (#M42330) and inserted it to my canvas.  Since I wanted 1 image cut in the same color, I welded all 3 pieces together to create 1 image with no cut lines in the middle.

Now duplicate the image for however many mini cake toppers you need.  I ended up cutting about 15 and got them to all fit on one mat.  Load your white glitter card stock and cut!


The last step is to get some tooth picks and 2 wooden skewers (I had both in the kitchen) and attach them to the images using a dot of hot glue.  One tooth pick per pacifier and 2 skewers for the Oh Baby topper.

We put the Oh Baby topper in French toast casserole and the pacifiers spread across pimento cheese sandwiches, muffins and mini bundt cakes.

For just a few supplies and a little bit of time, these toppers were the perfect addition to the food table at the shower!  Will be keeping these in mind as we host more showers in the future 😉

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