Here’s another quick DIY from the baby shower we just hosted – a banner!  If you can’t tell, banners have become my go-to decoration for parties, holidays and events because they’re so easy to throw together, the materials are cheap (if you don’t already have them on hand) and they’re extremely quick to make. A win-win in my book for a personalized touch!

DIY Simple Baby Banner

What you’ll need:

Like the America banner, I used my mom’s 60th birthday banner as a template since it was the shape I wanted and would be easy to customize.  Make sure there’s only 4 pieces and update the colors to match your design.

Add the BABY letters, 1 per banner piece.  Select the letter and banner and center align them, then select the letter and white top piece and click slice to slice the letter from the white piece.  Delete the 2 excess letters and repeat for each piece.

Now you’re ready to cut!  When you click ‘Make it’ Cricut automatically places the pieces on mats for you.  I knew I could get all 4 white pieces on 1 piece of 12″ x 12″, so I went to the 2nd mat, clicked the … in the top right of that image on the mat adn moved it to the first mat and found a spot where it would fit.

The floral paper I had was 8.5″ x 11″ so I changed the material size and then cut 2 floral banner pieces per sheet of floral paper.

After the 8 pieces are cut just glue the top white pieces on top of the floral pieces, with the holes lining up.

Thread some twine through the holes, cut the end and you’re done!  I think I made this banner from design start to finish in only 45 minutes.

We hung the banner on the island where all the drinks were at the shower and it was the perfect complement to our floral and bright theme!

This is a great template to have handy if you need to whip up a quick baby banner and you can customize the paper to your party’s theme!

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