It’s March Madness time!!! I have to admit, the last few years I haven’t gotten into it as much as previous years – maybe that’s because Georgia Tech hasn’t been in the hunt.  This year my own College of Charleston Cougars won the CAA and earned a birth to the big dance, so all of that has changed!  I went to the SoCon championships a few times in college because we always seemed to play Davidson (a guy named Steph Curry led them to defeat us) or Chattanooga, but we always came up short.

Well after they won and I had this revived excitement around March Madness, I decided I needed a banner & Cofc decor to go with the weeks of games!  Cue a quick search at Hobby Lobby for basketball paper, revamping an existing banner design and I was ready in no time.

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March Madness Banner

What you’ll need:

  • 3 12″ x 12″ sheets of basketball themed paper
  • 3 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of white card stock
  • Cricut Maker
  • Spatula tool
  • Twine

Since I needed to whip this up quick, I used the banner from Catherine’s bachelorette weekend as a template.  I deleted the top layers, made enough for each letter in “March Madness” and changed the color to white.  Then I copied one of those, made it orange and duplicated it to put one on top of each white banner piece.

Next I added an upper case letter for March Madness to each banner piece.  I centered the letter on the banner, selected both the letter & orange top piece and sliced it.  Then I deleted the 2 excess letters to result in the letter being cut from the orange piece.  Repeat for each letter.

Now you’re ready to cut!  Load your paper, set the Maker to the right card stock or paper settings and get cutting.

Remove the banner pieces & letters from your mat using your spatula as needed.  Lay everything out with the white pieces on bottom and basketball paper on top.

I decided not to use the inside of the letter A, so didn’t glue the layer together like I normally do.  Instead, I just threaded the twine through the holes.  I put each word on a different piece of twine so they could be layered when hung.  Then I was done with the banner!

On selection Sunday, I decided I wanted to make some Cofc things for the upcoming game.  I decided to make some popcorn boxes using this design with the Cricut kraft board and then print and cut the Cofc athletic logo to add to the pop corn boxes, as well as add some to toothpicks to put into whatever snack I’d eat during the game.

I’m ready for March Madness to start! Go Cougars!!

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