Sorry for the lack of posts lately – I’ve actually been creating more goodness than writing about it and have about 15 drafts right now, but more fun is coming when I find the time to write!  Anyways, onto the projects from a recent bridal shower we hosted…

After making some food place cards for our friend’s baby shower, I wanted to make more in a slightly different way incorporating Cricut’s print then cut functionality.  We were using blues, whites & pinks so adding a ginger jar to the cards seemed like a cute idea and then putting all of that on pink paper tied it all together!

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Print then Cut Place Cards

What you’ll need:

I recently made some place cards, so I opened that design to use it as a template and tweak as needed.  I started by changing the colors to be closer to what I’d be using.  Then I updated the names of the dishes to what we would be serving at the shower.

Next I uploaded a ginger jar image to Design Space and saved it as a ‘print then cut’ image.  I placed it on the left, bottom side of the white square and selected both then flattened them.  You’ll need to flatten anything you’ll be printing first.  Then I attached the score line to the white square again and put my words on the very top.

I opted to change the font, so went with a more scripty type of font.  For each word, I separated them to letters and made the letters line up like they were a complete, connected word, then attached all the letters together as 1 piece.  Attach that to your white square.  Now repeat for each of the place cards you’ll be making.

Load your white card stock in your printer.  Cricut will send the pieces that need to be printed to your printer.  I always include the bleed on the design (toggle before you print).  It will print the ginger jars and then a sensory line around the project area.  Put your printed piece on your mat and continue to then score the lines (for easy folding), write the words, and finally cut the squares out.

You’ll have to change clamp A to put your scoring stylus in and then your pen.  Make sure they are all the way in and close the clamp.  Design Space will tell you when each one is required, so don’t worry about remembering.

You’ll then load the pink card stock and have it scored and then cut as well.  Then all your pieces just need to be folded & assembled.

Glue the white on top of the pink card stock.  I just use Elmer’s glue since I have a pretty full bottle, but you can use anything that will adhere the pieces together on the crease.  When the glue is dry, your place cards are done!

The day of the shower we placed them out around the different dishes and drinks.  Our bride loved the ginger jar touch and mentioned that they’re using them at the rehearsal dinner. It’s like I was reading her mind!

I’m not hosting another event anytime soon, but you know next time I do I’ll be creating more place cards to go with the theme!

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