We recently hosted a baby shower for a friend and I’m so excited that the newest addition to our group is now here!  I had wanted to make something for her nursery and after she was born and we learned she’d be going by “Birdie”, I knew I had to make a little personalized pillow for her.  This was right when Cricut came out with some new patterned iron on and the pink was perfect to match her nursery.

Note: I received some materials used in this post for free as part of the Cricut Affiliate program. This post also contains affiliate links, so if you purchase something from them a little bit goes back to help support my blog!

Personalized Baby Gifts

What you’ll need:

The first thing I needed to do was create a design.  My pillow was a square, so I put her name in the middle and wanted to add 2 birds around the name.  I found this bird image In Design Space that I liked, ungrouped it from the other, resized it and put it on the top of the name.  Then I copied the bird, flipped it and added a second below the name, to the right.

Now I was ready to cut.  I loaded some gold htv to cut the name, and then cut the birds on the patterned vinyl using my Maker.  Weed the excess vinyl from around your designs.

Now it’s time to apply it to the pillow cover. Turn your EasyPress on and set it to 340°F. Preheat the pillow cover for 5 seconds, then put your design down (clear liner on top) and apply the heat for 30 seconds.  After that, flip the pillow over and heat the back with the liner on for 15 seconds.  Peel the liner off when the design has cooled down.

You can always find Cricut’s recommended settings for the EasyPress online here.

After finishing the pillow, I loved how the birds turned out so much that I decided to cut 3 more and apply them to a onesie I had leftover from the baby shower.

The new mom loves rosé and I happened to find a bottle at the grocery store that had a pink bird on the label – perfect to put together and complete the gift!

I headed over and met Birdie when she was a week old to give them the goodies.  Michele was so excite she took me upstairs and we put the pillow in the nursery immediately!  The pink, patterned iron on birds looked perfect with the pink and white sheets and art above the crib.  They sent me another picture a few days later – check out those sweet cheeks!

Seeing my friend so excited with the personalized gifts makes me want to make more!  The patterned iron on was a great way to jazz up a basic design.  Cricut has 9 sampler packs of the patterned iron on available and each comes with 3, 12″ x 17″ sheets that work together.  I also have the blue one and have been thinking about ways to use it…

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